Hobo 4 Game

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Hobo 4 HTML5

Hobo 4

Hobo 4

After escaping from the prison, Hobo enjoyed his spare time. However, he is wanted and discovered. He must fight the army with heavy weapons to gain freedom. And once again accompany Hobo 4 to experience as well as punches and powerful kicks.
Hobo 4 is the fourth game in the Hobo series, it’s time to take serious action with a Hobo fighting against the world. Everyone wants to see Hobo die but our beloved Hobo doesn’t come down so easily. He is ready to fight Hobo in this manner of war and defend himself against those who want him dead. You will face many enemies as you cross the street and you must use your weapons to defend themselves from their attacks. Throw some strong punches and kicks as well. There are many different enemies of the United States military, you have to fight at each level after what happened in Hobo 3, so it’s time to start kicking ass.

How to play Hobo 4

In this great action game, by using the keys skillfully, you will help Hobo fight against the soldiers. While they have jeeps, guns and guns that are very professional and dangerous, Hobo has only bare hands. But the guy’s special skills, opened when leveling up, will be very beneficial and useful to be able to fight the enemy there. You take advantage of all this guy’s abilities with quite funny and unique moves to be able to win against the unruly soldiers.
– Use the A key to punch and pick up objects
– Use S key to kick and tool
– Use arrow keys to move our Hobo character left / right / forward / backward as you like .