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Hobo 5 HTML5

Hobo 5

Hobo 5

Hobo 5 is back again for this dirty, disgusting and obnoxious game. In this game, you will control Hobo with a very rough and dirty appearance, trying to make trouble with the people around him. However, in this version, you will not have to fight normal people, but alien monsters, who kidnap this Hobo guy to the spaceship to perform their experiments. However, with his power, Hobo escaped from the laboratory and began fighting the aliens to be able to escape.
Fight hard and devise newer and coarser ways to overcome yourself. Hobo must punch, kick and hit the cloned version of this enemy and the aliens created them. These horrible aliens want to take over the world but if they do so, Hobo will have no place to sleep so he must fight hard to protect his home planet.
This will definitely be a character that makes you feel excited and excited when participating in this series. A pretty interesting character who always likes to mess with other people with his very funny and somewhat “dirty” abilities. Let’s start Hobo 5 right now to be with this big brother all the time.

How to play Hobo 5

In this adventure game, you skillfully use the keys, you will help this big brother to defeat the mysterious aliens there. They may use weapons to attack you, so you need to be careful to avoid damage to yourself and fight effectively. Every time you level up, Hobo will have more new skills for you to use.
– Use A key to perform punches.
– Use S key to perform kicks.
– Use the arrow keys to adjust the movement of Hobo characters.