Hobo 6 Game

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Hobo 6 HTML5

Hobo 6

Hobo 6

Our dearest Hobo is dead and hell! Now he needs to face the demons and their Satan owners. This will be all in one day’s work!
Hobo 6 returns and brings players many interesting surprises. Hobo is in hell to get justice for the wrong people and he must fight to overcome the depths of the underworld. Help Hobo fight demons and demons by throwing punches, kicks and his usual combos at enemies. Escape a fight with a demon will not be easy so you need to try your best to be able to win convincingly before the enemy. Hobo is the perfect person to put the hellish inhabitants into their place and with your help and his awesome fighting skills, these demons are in a deadly battle. Hobo will face Satan on his own in the epic battle with the epic, can satan be subdued?
The game with three different levels for players to explore and try their best. It will be great if you become the earliest conqueror at all levels in this game.

How to play Hobo 6

Move the play character you use the arrow keys to perform the move in the direction you want. Perform the punches and kicks you press S. Hit the special combo, then you combine the keystrokes together to launch a fast and powerful attack to kill your enemies in time the shortest.
A brother just released from prison with the ability of how you tell the ripper to know your own advantage through the skills to attack the top of the peak. Many interesting things are waiting for you to experience, discover the ultimate of the elaborate character by giving the best attacks on the opponent.