Hobo 7 Game

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Hobo 7 HTML5

Hobo 7

Hobo 7

Hobo 7 returns with fascinating and hilarious episodes in the game. At this moment, big brother Hobo is no longer in the world and he’s gone to heaven. But with his nature of aggression and disruptive, he plunged into the citizens of heaven to provoke. Therefore, you must help Hobo fight in heaven for him to have quite interesting skills. You must help him get rid of synthetic bolts. Just like this is fighting, the hobo is quite trying to survive in this game, so your job is to make sure he’s alive, long enough to meet God, talk and be able to explain to God why He has a troublesome human being on earth.
A special feature in this funny action game is that in addition to the funny images, the techniques used by Big Boss Hobo are also very unique, rich but also quite humorous. You will have to skillfully combine the press of the arrow keys to move and to produce strange but unique moves, you must combine the keys in a given order. And you will be surprised by the ability of this big brother.
He can use the ring on his head to make an attack, using funny moves such as nasal sprays, saliva, or deflating fire, all of which are very funny and funny.

How to play Hobo 7

Your task in this game is to be skillful in controlling the available keys to destroy the enemies, become the survivor as well as the most courageous. Specifically:
– Use the A key to punch and pick up objects
– Use S key for kicks and tools
– Use arrow keys to move your character.