Hobo Brawl Game

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Hobo Brawl HTML5

Hobo Brawl

Hobo Brawl

Hobo Brawl is a really fun beating game. A poor Hobo was disturbed by the police while he was sleeping and it made the homeless guy extremely uncomfortable, which made him fight everyone in this funny game. Now it’s really crazy and beating everything and people probably hate him. He beats trash people, men and women on the street. Your task in this game is to control the homeless guy who just woke up to defeat them all and show them who the boss is. Protect your home and face!
As a wanderer, you have the right to do whatever you want. However, not everyone agrees with you on that. With 3 levels of easy, medium and hard word games, it will be a fascinating experience for you. This will be a game to help you reduce the stress and pressure of work and life makes you much more comfortable. With the hard shots you give to all the people you hate is a great thing. Control your character skillfully to help your Hobo avoid unnecessary damage.

How to play Hobo Brawl

This game brings fun as well as fun if you want to have the experience of legendary shots. Using the simple playing keys will make you extremely comfortable with the game.
– Use the A key to punch and pick up objects
– Use S key to kick and tool
– Use the arrow keys to move the character up / down / left / right according to your liking.
– Double tap the left or right arrow keys to run
– Press P to pause and view the unlocked combos
– Press Q to convert quality