Home Sheep Home 2 Game

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Home Sheep Home 2 HTML5

Home Sheep Home 2

Home Sheep Home 2

Home Sheep Home 2 has returned and brought players more new things than the previous parts. This time the sheep get lost in the beautiful city of London and need your help in moving on the crowded streets of the city. Your task in this game is to guide each sheep to the exit to complete a level when all three sheep have successfully passed.

Use their unique skills and abilities to take them through obstacles and solve puzzles like using Timmy, small size to enter tight spaces. Shaun is the sheep that can jump up high and most agile. Shirley is the biggest sheep of the trio, with a slumpy body that makes her unable to jump high and move as fast as Shaun but her strength is to be able to push all objects along the way.

By switching selections from one of the three sheep during gameplay, you can also make them jump over obstacles like vehicles in this platform game and dodge the guardians at Buckingham Palace. Remember to collect all the socks you find along the way for extra points and use the advantages of three sheep to overcome all the different obstacles to complete the exciting game in this adventure based on this physics.

How to play Home Sheep Home 2

In Home Sheep Home 3 you will use the arrow keys as well as the number keys to control this game, specifically:

- Use the WASD or Arrow keys to Move the Sheep.

- Use numbers 1, 2, 3 to Switch between Shirly, Shaun and Timmy