Home Sheep Home 3 Game

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Home Sheep Home 3 HTML5

Home Sheep Home 3

Home Sheep Home 3

Home Sheep Home 3 is an intellectual content puzzle game designed in a unique style, requiring players to invest as well as think to complete every level of the game. The three sheep decided to go on an adventure trip to London. But his urban journey is still long and full of obstacles, so the cold trio will have to deal with some difficult missions before they see Tower Bridge and Big Ben with their own eyes. Help the sheep in their endeavors and in every round of play, making sure they all reach the designated success. Each sheep possesses a specific ability so that players can rely on it and promote their advantages; athlete Shaun can jump high, thunder Shirley tries to move heavy objects and delicate Timmy can spread through the narrowest spaces. Therefore, use these abilities to bring sheep home safely in the Home Sheep Home 3 game.

Coming to the game, you will experience many interesting challenges that sometimes you cannot easily overcome. Home Sheep Home 4 will be a great game that you cannot ignore because besides the fun that the game brings, the combination of sound and image quality is a great plus point for the game. Are you ready to come to the game and spend hours conquering it?

How to play Home Sheep Home 3

The game is controlled very simply, making it very easy for players to control this game, specifically:

- Players use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the sheep.

- Press space to jump and knock

- Use number keys: 1,2,3 to control the sheep.