Home Sheep Home 4 Game

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Home Sheep Home 4 HTML5

Home Sheep Home 4

Home Sheep Home 4

Home Sheep Home 4 has appeared and brought players more surprises than the previous games. Join the game, the task of the player will still help 3 sheep find their way home fastest and safest. But in this part of the game will have difficult challenges as well as make the player much harder. The level of the game has been upgraded to a lot of thinking as well as the difficulty in each level so it is not easy to pass it all with friends to play to find many ideas that can be overcome. All 15 levels in the game quickly and get high scores. Consider using these 3 sheep in the right jobs to solve the difficulties of each game screen.
In every game screen, there are 3 sheep, each sheep will have its own advantages, besides it is also marked with a number, after controlling the sheep through difficulties such as walking. on the car or jump on balloons then continue to bring the remaining sheep home safely, please be clever how to bring 3 sheep can go home properly.

How to play Home Sheep Home 4

How to play divided into 2 ways. The first is using a mouse and the second is using the keyboard. But encourage using the keyboard because it is convenient and fast, applied in some cases, the use of a mouse can not be solved. Game installed three number keys 1,2,3 equivalent to 3 sheep Shirley (fat), Shaun (thin) and Timmy (small). Move them with the 4 arrow keys, the effects of those keys need not be said in detail.