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Home Sheep Home HTML5

Home Sheep Home

Home Sheep Home

Home Sheep Home is a psychological puzzle-solving game that challenges players to take Shirley, Shaun and Timmy to the farm. Your goal is to guide three sheep friends named Shaun, Shirley and Timmy to the exit of each level by overcoming many inconvenient obstacles that block their way, making it not easy for them to return to the farm. Use surrounding objects like boxes, ramps and trampolines to overcome obstacles. Press the buttons and levers to activate the mechanism and remove the barriers. You can control each sheep using the numbers keys 1,2 and 3, but all three must reach the end of the level.

Each sheep has a different usage, for example, Shirley is bigger than the other sheep so she can overcome obstacles. Timmy is the smallest sheep so he can crawl into small spaces to make way for other sheep to pass. Each sheep will need to be used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles like ropes and hay. Use objects around you to overcome obstacles like jumping into boxes. This game has great music, interesting gameplay and looks great. You can complete every level and help our lovely sheep back home. Come to the game immediately to indulge yourself with many interesting and interesting challenges that immerse you in it for hours.

How to play Home Sheep Home

In this game you will use the arrow keys as well as the number keys to control this game, specifically:

- Use arrow keys to move and jump, switch between Shaun, Shirley and Timmy with one click on the corresponding icons.

- Use number keys (1,2,3) to select your sheep.

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