Hot Dog Bush Game

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Hot Dog Bush HTML5

Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is a fast paced sales simulation game. Your goal in this game is to get customers food as quickly as possible, then collect cash. This game will help you have a fast food experience, if you are a food lover, like to create food and become a great seller, then this game is perfect for friend.
Making a hotdog with President George W. Bush to sell and make money. You have a small store, but the fast food there is very good, including hot dogs, sausages, water … with lots of ingredients. Because your store is so delicious, so many customers come to order, you will have to quickly and accurately execute orders that make customers happy and pay you a lot. The more time you spend, the more dissatisfied they will be and the less they will pay.
Every day you have to reach a required amount. Hard work will help you not only achieve your goals, but also make more money.
As you progress your menu will have more items, the more money you will make. It’s easy to get started, but as you progress, customers will ask for more and more complex orders and if you break or take too long, they will get angry, sometimes leave. .
There are many levels in this game, each level you need to reach a certain amount to pass, the more the next level the difficulty level will increase.
The game is completely free to bring you lots of fun, both entertaining and helping you kill time quickly.

How to play Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is simple to complete the menu requested by the customer. Just click and hold the left mouse button on the ingredients you intend to use, move to the other ingredients to form a complete dish.