Huggernaut Game

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Huggernaut HTML5



Huggernaut is an extremely interesting platformer game
Your task in the Huggernaut game is to move and use the grappling hook to reach and hug your friends. Are you fast enough to get a star on every level? You can try speed mode, unlock it when you finish the game. This mode allows you to play through all your consecutive levels and performance times.
The two characters mirror each other. Move to the first, you must take into account the consequent motion of the second. In Huggernaut, you can’t jump, it’s not a big deal, you use a grappling hook. You can use a hook to climb, unlock and, in short, get to your partner to merge with you in a hugging sensation.
Features of the Huggernaut game
There are 23 levels
A very satisfying moving mechanism
Careful custom, custom physics
Colorful pixel art
The yellow sphere defies gravity

How to play the Huggernaut game

Use A and D to move left and right.
Run: A / D, or Q / D, or left / right arrow
Click and hold left mouse button to use grappling hook
Use R to Restart the current level
Use ENTER to Exit level selection:
Mute / unmute all sounds: M
You cannot jump, so you will have to use the hook to go up. In some levels, you have to drag yourself through the red rings to remove blocks in your way. Beat expert time to earn stars in each level.