Idle Bouncer Game

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Idle Bouncer HTML5

Idle Bouncer

Idle Bouncer

Idle Bouncer is a smart idle clicker video game where your goal is to create energy, get meta-energy, and use it to change the world one at a time. On each bounce of the ball, you will get an amount of energy corresponding to the height and impact of the ball in the tube. You can use this energy to buy new things like balls or new tubes or upgrade the existing ones. Will you be able to unlock all achievements and ‘complete’ the game?
Idle Bouncer is one of the coolest idle games for you! It’s easy for you to get started, just place one football to bounce from 400 meters high. Every bounce will generate “capacities” for you. Click on the square to drop the ball. Each bounce gives you energy which you can use to upgrade the tube amplifier, the ball size and bounce, and the height. Earn meta-energy and use it to change the world in Idle Bouncer, a great new idle game!
After getting enough “capacities”, you can unlock other balls like a billiard ball, basketball, tennis ball, and volleyball, etc. More interesting and cute balls are waiting for you to explore (“robot” ball, “monster” ball and “penguin” ball, etc.). Also, you can update balls to make bigger and bounce higher.

How to play Idle Bouncer

Use left click to bounce the ball.
– Click the “↑”(up) button(s) to level up your balls
– Click the “unlock” icon button(s) to explore balls
– Boost your play by using “Power Up”, “Speed Up” and “Auto Jump” buttons
– Increase your “capacity” by clicking the “10%/50%/100%” buttons