Idle Breakout Game

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Idle Breakout HTML5

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an idle version of the classic Breakout. Use lots of balls with different powers, speeds, and abilities to smash a million bricks.
In Idle Breakout game, your task is to click on the colored blocks to break it and score points. Each block you click earns you a set fee – this can be upgraded. You can then use cash to buy groundbreaking balls and upgrades so you can smash blocks faster. The ball will automatically bounce and break the bricks to score more points. Clicking on the same will help you faster.
Upgrade balls to reach higher levels and unlock power to increase your progress. The upgrades are staggered – each progressive upgrade costs more. There are several different types of balls to choose from – for example, plasma balls, which have splash damage and move faster. In addition to the balls, you can also buy power boosters that only exist for a set period of time. For example, activating click power allows you to generate energy balls for 30 seconds wherever you click. See how far you can go and how many levels you can complete on Idle Breakout.
Features, characteristics of the Idle Breakout game
– An idle version of the famous classic Atari Breakout
– Many balls with a single parameter
– Numbered bricks represent the blow needed to destroy them
– Addictive game

How to play game Idle Breakout

Press LMB to destroy a brick