Into Space 2 Game

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Into Space 2 HTML5

Into Space 2

Into Space 2

Your mission in the Into Space 2 game is to guide your space rocket to the moon, grab fuel and bonuses to replenish fuel or repair damage, avoid obstacles that will startle you, or dash through the gate to get a bit of speed power. When you run out of fuel or suffer too much damage, you will fall back to the ground and receive cash to spend on upgrades depending on the distance you receive and any additional coins you manage. to retrieve. The higher the rocket, the more money you get with many new rockets. Use money to buy upgrades for your ship, complete missions and achievements to unlock new equipment and reach new heights!
Into Space 2 takes a simple concept and makes it stand out from a sea of other similar games by piling up tons of upgrade options and more realistic controls.

How to play game Into Space 2

Use the arrow keys to control your rocket.
Use the A key or left arrow to turn left
Use the D key or right arrow to turn right,
Use the S KEY or DOWN ARROW to turn off the engine,
Use the W key or the UP ARROW to use boosters.
Collecting items along the way as well as energy for your journey, the obstacles appear quite unexpected and quite dangerous to overcome it is not easy. So you need to really try harder to bring yourself a high score in the game as well as the opportunity to step through the next new levels.
Let’s play Into Space 2 game everywhere in the universe conquering challenges like dreams that not everyone can. Only high-handed gamers can do this, so right now go play the game to discover the experience, wish you happy gaming