Into Space Game

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Into Space HTML5

Into Space

Into Space

Into Space game belongs to the genre of action games or attractive, promising to bring players the most refreshing testing moments. For players who like to conquer and explore adventurous things, come and play to experience and challenge the task ahead that is waiting for you to complete.
The context in this game is an astronaut who successfully builds a fire fairy, he decides to make his adventurous adventure. Discover the most fun things in the universe with the flying screen and flying acrobatics in the air easily make players nervous. Your mission in Into Space is to launch your rocket into the sky as high as possible and collect money to upgrade your ship back to Earth. But on the way obstacles can destroy your rocket, you have to skillfully control the rocket through a lot of dangerous space doors! Back to Earth, spend the money you earn wisely to buy the best upgrades for your ship.
Drive the mad scientist rocket out of this world! Start with a basic rocket, and steer it out into space, Eat bonus points in the sky to earn money, recharge and repair your spaceship. Avoid thunder and other objects that can shut off the engine and damage the rocket. Upgrade to fly into orbit
Fly into space an action game with simple but equally attractive manipulation action is waiting for you to participate. Be quick and assertive so you can pass through the doors without any unfortunate accident.

How to play game Into Space

Use the arrow keys or WASD to control your ship.