IQ Ball 2 Game

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IQ Ball 2 HTML5

IQ Ball 2

IQ Ball 2

IQ Ball 2 is the sequel to the physics puzzle game. Help the little purple creature catch the red and white target. At first it can do this directly, but later on the long distance with many obstacles you will have to do this indirectly. Move obstacles and approach the target in as few clicks as possible.
Cute IQ balls with flexible and sticky arms. It can extend its arms to long distance, stick and move. You should find the target location at each level and reach there to advance to the next level. All the physical rules you have learned and the games you have played may be useful here.
The ball cannot stick to the metal. Observe carefully before performing if you do not want to fall into a deadlock and have to play again. IQ Ball 2 has 25 levels to conquer and explore. Applying thinking to be able to overcome the challenges of the game.
With high quality images, lovely colorful interface and realistic sound, IQ Ball 2 game will definitely bring players the most relaxing and wonderful experience. This is a simple, interesting and worth a game to try. You will not be disappointed because you will definitely like this game. In addition, IQ Ball 2 is recommended as one of the free games for children.

How to play IQ Ball 2

Use the mouse to play