IQ Ball Game

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IQ Ball

IQ Ball

IQ Ball is a fun and interesting puzzle game in which you have to try and grab the red target with your sticky ball. This sounds easy but you will encounter some difficulties, obstacles to solve the puzzles and complete the level. IQ Ball has a very colorful and lovely color, as if you’re watching an animated movie, it seems so childish at first glance.
What makes IQ Ball different from other games is its level design. The ideas on the screen provide a truly creative feeling. Each level must be solved in really different ways using its logic and skills and solving puzzles for each level. However, you can only attach to certain types of materials and for some reason, metal is not conducive to puzzle solving. Try to bring your purple sticky ball to the goal or bring the target to you in as few clicks as possible. Doing so will increase your IQ significantly.
IQ Ball has all 25 levels to play with and each level brings something new. Just try not to be overwhelmed by the cute graphics and funny background music of IQ Ball. Concentrate and focus, think carefully with every step or you will face difficulties right away. Can you conquer IQ Ball?

How to play IQ Ball

- Left click to aim
– Hold the mouse to bring the ball to the goal