Island Clash Game

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Island Clash HTML5

Island Clash

Island Clash

Island Clash is an attractive tower defense game that you can enjoy for free. Build a series of towers and defend against invading forces of enemies. Wage guerrilla warfare in jungles, swamps, forests and mountain peaks against more than 20 different enemy types! Be sure to upgrade and repair your towers in battle in this exciting tower defense game!
This very beautiful island became the meeting point between two military powers. Defeat your enemies and prove that this wonderful island belongs only to you.
This small island in the middle of the ocean is a restricted area where a military base is located. Your enemies have discovered that, so you will have to build defensive towers in the right position to prevent its destruction.
You will want to go first into the action tower defense game called Island clash. This game comes with a bunch of features and upgrades that make the game really good and fun. Your goal is to destroy all waves of incoming enemies before they come and take over your island. Protect your people against these greedy oppressors and show them that they have chosen the wrong location to plunder. With various challenging levels and weapons, achieve your goals in Island Clash with strategic planning.

How to play Island Clash

Drag and place towers along the path to prevent enemies from invading. Upgrade, repair and configure your towers in battle. Follow the in-game instructions for more information.
Place weapons and bombs along the way to your base and shoot out all tanks and other terrible attackers and when you collect money so you can afford upgrades and new towers. Strengthen your army to the maximum level because you will face the boss in the final stage and you must be strong enough to defeat him. The controls are really simple to understand. So just start and protect your island as best as you can.