Isoball Game

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Isoball HTML5



Isoball is a very interesting intellectual game that is loved by many people.
Your task in the Isoball game is to put the ball into the hole, but the ball is very fragile, you have to create a nice path for the ball to roll under the ground to be able to pass easily and get achievements to show off. With you on Facebook to challenge your friends, avoid breaking the ball. In the challenging game screen of the isoball game, there are blocks, arrows, ramps, bridges, … so you can make the path for the ball to lead into the hole so you can win and continue with the try. The next challenge is harder.
Features in the game Isoball
– Beautiful 3D graphics
– Intellectual puzzle play attracts players
– 75 different levels with many challenges in isoball game
– Shapes, bridges, ramps, arrows … will accessories to help you overcome
– Physical calculations are applied in the game
– Share your achievements on Facebook to show off to your friends
– The game is against the clock more than 20 levels. Complete the levels with perfect time and complexity to unlock 5 bonus sandbox levels where you can build sandbox songs and make them as complicated as possible for extra points.
– Progress through charts from new shiny red to black architects.

How to play the game Isoball

To complete the task of arranging the ball, use the left mouse button to arrange wooden pieces to make a nice path for the ball to roll down the hole.
Use the blocks, arrows, ramps, and bridges provided in the bottom area to create a track for the ball to enter the hole without falling and breaking. Click on a piece in the bottom area and click on a place to place it. Click on a continuous piece in the bottom area to rotate it.