Jacksmith Game

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Jacksmith HTML5



Jacksmith is a game that allows you to craft weapons and take part in battles to collect money. You will play as a donkey tasked to design and build weapons for the warriors, while collecting loot and supporting them while the warriors fight.
Each donkey corresponding to the warrior will come to you and ask you to make a certain weapon, you will use the materials and create them, be it sword, bow and arrow, shield and other weapons … You will follow the instructions to build awesome weapons and armor to equip them, for example: first choose the type of tool you need to build, next you will melting the metal and pouring it into the mold then sharpening the weapons for sharpness, you add accessories and give it to the warrior. Manage your time, work carefully and discover secret recipes to create the best quality equipment.
After you create enough weapons for the warriors, they will participate in the battle. While the warriors fight, you will collect loot (collect ores and better parts to create weapons) and help them with your reliable cannon. When they run out of energy, they will retire to continue training, then you will create more special tools to provide them in the next battle.
The process of building weapons and joining the warriors to battle for victory will be repeated, but with each different level will bring you new experiences.
This game is completely free to play, with a simple interface and creativity in the game will bring you relaxing moments that are expected.

How to play Jacksmith

Jacksmith is an extremely interesting game, it shows you a glimpse of how to create ancient weapons, this game is played with simple gameplay, left click on the headings to make. Wish you will have moments of fun gaming.