Javelin Fighting Game

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Javelin Fighting HTML5

Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting is an extremely interesting fighting game. Your mission is to throw a spear to destroy the opponent to become the leader in this game. You and your opponent are provided with many spears and will stand on a tall tower far away from each other and facing each other.
You have to show your throwing skills, calculate the trajectory and the throwing force to throw it at the opponent. All your actions must be done quickly before the enemy has a chance to destroy you.
If all of you have calculated correctly, then attack the enemy and you will kill him, every throw of the spear is once you have to find the throwing trajectory again.
The opponent also performs the same action as you. In this game, the person who finds the correct angle of throwing and throwing at the opponent will have the upper hand and win.
You and your opponent have a health gauge, when each hit the opponent, the bar will decrease until it ends, at which point you or the opponent will lose their life.
Every time an enemy is killed by you, a new enemy will appear with the tower’s height different from the old opponent, maybe higher, maybe lower, maybe on par with your tower. . Whatever the height, as long as you find the correct throw and throw angle, it will be easy to defeat the opponent.
Help your hero win each battle, destroy all opponents to become the winner of this exciting game.
This game is completely free and suitable for most android devices, ios, computers so you can easily play catch whenever and wherever.

How to play Javelin Fighting

Javelin Fighting uses the left mouse button and moves your mouse to aim the javelin and increase the throwing power, then release the mouse button to fire.