Jelly Collapse Game

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Jelly Collapse HTML5

Jelly Collapse

Jelly Collapse

If you like challenging Match3 puzzle games, Jelly Collapse is the perfect game for you. Only with the right strategy and logical skills, you can achieve the required score. Combine as many jellies of the same color as possible to earn bonus points. But be careful not to run out of jelly.
Get rid of the funky blocks trying to reach the required goal as quickly as possible. You are doing so by touching at least two nearby blocks of the same color. Eliminate a sequence of 5 similar jellies to receive additional bonuses, and you can fit 10 types of the same type, you will be rewarded with bombs that clear a larger area and allow more blocks to be dropped. , so be sure to plan ahead and create opportunities to receive great bonuses. The more you destroy, the more fun and faster you complete the levels of the addictive Jelly Collapse puzzle game.
Jelly Collapse is really a great game, you will have more fun and release in this game. With over 99 levels, there are many jelly combinations to make, so play now and get started. How many levels can you conquer?

How to play Jelly Collapse

Click play to start. Use the mouse to touch or click the jelly to remove it. To pass a level, matching target points are displayed in the upper right corner. A level ends when you pass it successfully or when there are no more jelly groups to eliminate.