Jelly Escape Game

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Jelly Escape HTML5

Jelly Escape

Jelly Escape

Jelly Escape is an interesting platform action game in retro look where you must save Jelly creatures by escaping from safes falling from a space ship in parallel space. Your task is to help Jelly pass all the dangerous levels to the exit hole to exit. Try to overcome all deadly obstacles, solve puzzles, be alert to enemy blobs and collect additional bonuses to rescue jellies. The game will have many different obstacles appearing on his path and it will become more and more difficult. This game is created for those who love playing arcade games and want to play colorful, cute, colorful arcade games on their phones.
Jelly Escape is a fun pastime of retro 2D platformer games in the last decade, where people just discovered game consoles and arcade game machines. We create a truly colorful and exciting space in this platform game where Jelly lives. Coming to the game you will be accompanied by cute and colorful characters. Try to collect all the necessary fruit mixes to pass the level. Are you confident in your ability to win through all levels? Come to the game to try to beat every level with many different difficulties right away.

How to play Jelly Escape

In the Jelly Escape game, players will use the arrow keys or WASD to move your jelly around. Collect all the lightning and reach the portal in each level. Avoid fire and other jellies. This is a game not too complicated in how to control the character, what you need to do is use all your best skills to be able to skillfully conquer and win the game.