Jellydad hero 2 Game

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Jellydad hero 2 HTML5

Jellydad hero 2

Jellydad hero 2

Jellydad Hero 2 is the sequel to this exciting game. Jellydad and his family are captured by evil creatures. Help Jellydad survive and find his family. Be careful, because the road ahead is dangerous and full of pitfalls. Move objects to overcome obstacles and sneak through vents to advance.
The Jellydad family decided to go on a picnic and planned to spend some fun time together. Once inside, the family is isolated from others. Your mission is to help the hero find his lovely family and escape the prison camp. Take on the role of the brave jelly father and they want your help, so you will save your family from the clutches of evil space pirates.
Jellydad Hero 2 is a game you can play for free. Therefore, in this interesting puzzle game, it is time to find a way to reach the exit in each level. The material absorbs, releases the switch and slides down through thin tubes as it collects three golden gears to overcome all obstacles and traps. Do you want to be a true hero, like Jellydad.
Jellydad Hero 2 is a fun puzzle game for kids of all ages including parents, children, babies and toddlers. You will need to guide Jellydad through the obstacles and puzzles to draw conclusions about the various testing stages. Use new ideas to end this entire adventure. Use the arrow keys to move and press up to jump. Use objects like vents, trolleys and batteries with the space bar. Have fun.

How to play Jellydad hero 2

- Arrows = Move or jump
– Space = Take or use