Jellydad Hero 3 Game

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Jellydad Hero 3 HTML5

Jellydad Hero 3

Jellydad Hero

Jellydad Hero is a fun game style cartoon game authored by Andrey Kovalishin when Jellydad characters to adventure in the unique gameplay in the game. JellyDad and his family are on a picnic when suddenly a pirate spaceship appears and kidnaps them. Now it is JellyDad’s job to play the role of an alien and you must save your family abducted by space pirates. There are a lot of things you have to do in this day’s game. To save your family, you must complete 30 challenging levels. Overcoming dangerous obstacles to reach the space station. Run around the platforms and find a way to reach the exit point of each stage. Crawl through vents, hack computers and defeat enemies. Absorb the boxes, release the switch, and slide through the thin tubes. Try to collect all 3 gold gears to get reward points as well as collect rewards at each level because if you collect enough of them you will get to unlock bonus levels at the end.
To be able to win in this game is not easy because the road ahead is dangerous and full of pitfalls. Use your clever and ingenious thinking skills to move Jellydad to overcome obstacles along the paths of the spacecraft, from there, find your family and escape the ship. bandits. There will be certain difficulties and challenges that you must overcome in the game, which will be interesting surprises waiting for you. Can you save your family in Jellydad Hero?

How to play Jellydad Hero

Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and dominate every level to get closer to your familiarity and free them from the captivity of space pirates. Use your arrows to move and jump. Press space to use items.