Jellydad Hero Game

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Jellydad Hero HTML5

Jellydad Hero

Jellydad Hero

Jellydad Hero is a free game developed by, belonging to the puzzle category. You have played many good games about Snail Bob with the snail version of the game, and you are very interested in the style of those games. With the same game maker, you will continue to come up with the funny cartoon style of the author Andrey Kovalishin to get along with the Jellydad characters in the unique gameplay in the game Jellydad Hero.
Jellydad is carrying his wife and children on a spaceship, so that they can go on holidays and travel on a planet with a beautiful and sunny beach. However, while dreaming of those comfortable moments, the spacecraft suddenly stopped, and was pulled to one side. It turned out that the bandits were traveling on a terrorist spaceship that stopped Jellydad’s spaceship and locked the entire family on their ship.
In this intellectual adventure game, you will have to help Jellydad can escape from the areas on this big ship and rescue his family. By using the ability to think smart and skillful, you will move Jellydad to overcome obstacles along the paths on the spacecraft, from there, find your wife and children and escape them. pirate ship.
There will be certain difficulties and challenges that you must overcome in Jellydad Hero, those will be interesting surprises waiting for you. Let’s play free Jellydad Hero game to your liking.

How to play Jellydad Hero

- Use arrow keys to move
– Press the up arrow key to jump
– Press the space bar to use a special gesture