Jet Rush Game

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Jet Rush HTML5

Jet Rush

Jet Rush

Jet Rush is an exploration game with high-tech jets on awesome platforms. You control a high-tech jet overcoming obstacles and challenges to conquer levels.
Fast paced city travel game in a jet to avoid different platforms.
You have to control through a series of learning, your aircraft speed is very fast and you have to quickly adjust the plane to avoid obstacles and conquer each level.
You’ll encounter moving platforms, tight corners and a series of twists – reacting quickly and keeping control of the jet keep your plane from crashing. When you pass the level, you will collect coins, use this money to buy upgrades for your jet. Buying upgrades will help you overcome obstacles more easily and reach your destination more safely.
The game has a very simple way to play but hard to master the game. The hard training will help you control it easier.
There are many levels in this game, each level is each different distance with full of challenging difficulties.
The game is completely free for all players of all ages, without having to pay for downloading and playing this game.
This game will help you relax very well after a hard day of studying and working; At the same time it helps you kill time very well, such as when you are waiting for the bus, you are waiting for someone or you are waiting in line.

How to play  Jet Rush

Jet Rush touches and holds to fly for touch devices, swipe left and right to control the jet or you can use the mouse to adjust aircraft operations such as left or right, up or down. Click “I Got This” to start the game.
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