Jimothy Piggerton Game

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Jimothy Piggerton HTML5

Jimothy Piggerton

Jimothy Piggerton

Jimothy Piggerton is a cute running and jumping platformer game where you try to save your Piggerton pig from the butcher. In this game, you will take care of your little friend and try to protect from danger. Today, as usual, the two of you went out for a walk and stopped, sitting under a sprawling tree. Suddenly, the sky was covered with a dark cloud by an incredible crow. She grabbed the pig and took it in an unknown direction. Dzhimoti did not have time to recover, because he was alone, but he did not lose his head, and immediately performed a task. Help character find and save a friend.
Coming to this game, you will have to jump on platforms, avoid traps and approach pigs at each level. There will be many difficulties as well as challenges but will definitely make players feel the most interesting. Each different game level will bring players many different surprises. What you need to do is agility so that you can overcome all the challenges ahead to quickly meet your best friend. Prove your talent by trying to complete all the levels in this awesome platformer game.
One of the remarkable points of this game is that the graphics and sound are very carefully and beautifully invested. This deserves a great plus point for this game. Are you ready to start conquering this game or not?

How to play Jimothy Piggerton

Use the arrow keys or WSD to move and jump. You can jump on the heads of birds and wolves and bounce off their heads. Some items give you special powers, like double jump and wall jump. Save your pet pig at the end of each level!