Jo and Momo Game

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Jo and Momo HTML5

Jo and Momo

Jo and Momo

Jo and Momo is a 2-player video platformer game, come to the game, players will try to explore a series of colorful playing cards. This is an adventure game that combines puzzle elements, which can make players enjoy and relax.
In this game, you control Jo, a blonde boy and Momo, his companion, in search of Jo’s kidnapped love. Jo and Momo work together and help each other through the levels. Try to collect every coin at every level to get maximum points. As you progress further and further in your adventure, the levels become more complex and difficult to get the perfect score. You will meet new enemies, traps, puzzles and more. Some levels will make you think hard, while in others, you will have to think fast and fast, but whatever the challenge, nothing Jo and Momo’s friendship cannot overcome. by.
One of the most notable features of the Jo and Momo puzzle adventure game is its ease of play because anyone can quickly get used to the game even though they have never had experience playing this genre before. In addition, the puzzle adventure game Jo and Momo looks very beautiful so at least the player will be able to relax his eyes.
To win this game, the journey with you will not be easy and you will have to have reasonable strategies to overcome difficulties that come to you. Join Jo and Momo to overcome challenges to save Jo’s girlfriend!

How to play Jo and Momo

Move Jo with the arrow keys. Move Momo with WASD. Jo can jump on Momo to reach higher platforms. Both can press buttons and levers to open new paths. Collect coins and reach the door to beat the levels!