Johnny Upgrade 2 Game

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Johnny Upgrade 2 HTML5

Johnny Upgrade 2

Johnny Upgrade 2

Johnny Upgrade 2 is the next installment of an interesting incremental upgrade game. Just like in the previous game, you play as a superhero, but you can use your superpowers unless you collect a lot of gold coins. Johnny is extremely weak from the start and he can even move. Help Johnny overcome dangerous levels by buying upgrades. Strengthen your skills and strength. Become a bigger, better superhero. Use your arrow keys to move and jump. Remember what to do to move faster. Buy multiple upgrades in the store.
The brave hero of this adventure game can be very powerful but first, you will have to invest in a lot of upgrades. Collect money as you run along with platforms. Don’t be surprised if you can’t do much at first: you need to buy Johnny’s speed, dancing, and other power-ups to help him succeed. Avoid spikes and attacks of enemies, get as much gold as possible before time runs out. Bring the true power of superheroes. He is your mighty and muscular man. But can you make Johnny Upgrade 2 powerful again in this great game or not?

How to play Johnny Upgrade 2

- You can use the four arrow keys to perform various running and jumping movements and use the mouse to buy upgrades (at the store)
– How strong the game is in relation to your memory because you have to remember a lot of things about the back-turning movements.
– You must move quickly to overcome success.
– To get a victory, you have to buy many upgrades.