Johnny Upgrade Game

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Johnny Upgrade HTML5

Johnny Upgrade

Johnny Upgrade

Johnny Upgrade is a game with unique content and quite funny with the central character of the game is superhero Johnny. In this game, you play as Superman Johnny, but to become a real Superman, you will have to upgrade your skills through playing. You will start with a clumsy superman with the running skills and limited time of the game screen, you will have to start the journey from here and try to collect a lot of money. Gold coins to help you upgrade through each play and complete the journey.
At the beginning of the game, Jonny is extremely weak and he cannot even move! You have to use your existing $ 1 to buy his first upgrade – speed up. Every time you finish your run, you have to collect coins to buy the next upgrades – the more upgrades you buy, the more you can travel and the more you can collect. more money.
You must choose your upgrade wisely to maximize the distance you can go. Upgrades include increased speed, increased jumping power, increased time and even the ability to double jump. Every time you buy an upgrade, the price will increase so use your money carefully and create a balanced character! Can you turn Jonny into the ultimate working machine and collect an untold amount of money?

How to play Johnny Upgrade

Coming to the game, the player will not be too difficult to control. You will use the arrow keys as well as the mouse to control this game, specifically:
– Use the arrows (or WAD) to jump and run
– Press Space to shoot
– Use mouse to buy upgrades (in store)