Jumphobia Game

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Jumphobia HTML5



Jumphobia is a new game created by Wix Games, you start a monumental dance adventure. There is no jump button, instead you automatically jump when you run off a ledge. You will need both skill and intelligence if you hope to beat this game.
Jumphobia is an extremely difficult, accurate platformer in which you don’t have a jump button, instead your character will jump automatically when hitting the ledge, if you want it or not. Having checkpoints flags along the way will become useful. It won’t be easy with obstacles like monsters, spikes, buzzing, ferris, debris, springs, balloons, gravity flip arrows, fans, ice, bombs and more to find. . Jump on their heads to kill them all.
Jumphobia is a simple visual design that believes in some very clever level designs – the maze is designed to be misleading which requires a bit of thought and a lot of skill to navigate. It feels reminiscent of Super Meat Boy and N + with fast-paced precision platform, instant reboot and challenging game play. The main difference is that you don’t have a jump button, instead, your character automatically jumps when he hits a ledge. This may require a little more thought than a traditional platform because sometimes you really don’t want to jump into this well-built precision platform that will really scare you.
Jumphobia has added 40 completely new levels including 30 best levels made by players like you. On it are 4 completely new obstacles like keys, doors, spike monsters and fan buttons. Are you ready for the ultimate Jumphobia puzzle platforming challenge yet?

How to play Jumphobia

Arrow keys to run left and right