Just One Boss Game

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Just One Boss HTML5

Just One Boss

Just One Boss

Just One Boss is a difficult arcade game to play, including a big boss battle that gets harder and harder as you progress. Are you ready to face the challenges of this retro battle? Defeat the boss by collecting all glowing tiles without losing all your hearts. Although just a boss, they have a lot of tricks. You can avoid all of them and overcome bosses.
You are on a small 5×8 platform and a magic mirror has appeared, beckoning you to fight in Just One Boss. Your opponent imagines yourself as a magician, no waiting, the manager of the show. He also has all sorts of tricks in his sleeve, he can make the flowers grow on random bricks. There will be many things with you if you cannot avoid the points. Next, choose a card, any ouch card. Do not let their sharp corners stab you and impair your health. Finally, he will flip the coin into your arena, limiting your cramped space even further.
You control a cute little green slime ball and you have to move around the playground to avoid boss attacks. To deal damage to the boss, you must move through the white boxes that appear.
Keep moving and follow the attack pattern the boss displayed. You must move fast and return to the regular white tiles to have any hope of beating him. Just One Boss game has interesting 8 bit retro graphics, quirky music and interesting gameplay. Jump into the Just One Boss arena and try to defeat just one boss today.

How to play Just One Boss

- Use arrow keys to move
– Right arrow to start the game