Just Slide Game

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Just Slide HTML5

Just Slide

Just Slide is an online free game. “Just Slide” over the narrow black tiles to paint the path with the respective color of the Sliders. The game has 30 levels with a piece of peaceful soothing music.

A cheerful white square loves that everything around it is beautiful and colorful. For this purpose, he climbed into the endless multi-level maze of the game Just Slide. The hero wants to paint the floor in a beautiful color. But he did not foresee that he could not stop in time. The square moves in a straight line without stops, only a wall or partition can brake it. Help the character solve the puzzle. The levels will open as they progress through, the good news is that you can even move along colored tracks.

How to play Just Slide game

Use arrow keys/WASD to move the slider.