KaBoomZ Game

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KaBoomZ is a fun shooting game. Your task is to shoot the balls being attached by a chain.
You will control a cannon, shoot bullets over obstacles to detonate balloons that are fixed by a chain. You can adjust the angle of the shot, the force of the shot and the shot accurately, because even a little miss will not hit the ball. Shoot all the balls in the game screen, be it one, two or more balls, each with a different position along with different obstacles. There will be obstacles arranged a lot, sometimes you will take advantage of those obstacles to explode the ball.
Break all balls to complete each level of play.
There are many levels, each with a different arrangement between obstacles and balls. The higher the level, the more difficult the level will increase but if you practice regularly I believe that you will pass smoothly.
The game requires players to think correctly to take advantage of the arrangements in it and blow up the ball as quickly as possible.
You can play online or download to offline players, when playing online you can save high results in the player rankings or you can also download to play the machine when there is no internet connection.
This game is very easy to play so it is suitable for all ages, you can play anytime, in any match with any device. Therefore, the game has been loved by many people, including adults and children, because it gives them great entertainment and helps them kill time quickly.

How to play  KaBoomZ

KaBoomZ content and gameplay is very simple, too picky by the graphic elements, as well as the complexity of the buttons. Just use the left mouse button to adjust the shooting angle and rate of fire and you can break the ball.