Kart Wars Game

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Kart Wars HTML5

Kart Wars

Kart Wars

Kart Wars is an extremely attractive racing game that is very much loved.
The game has two different modes: battle and racing mode. In battle mode, you have to compete with other cars to try and catch enemy flags and racing mode allows you to compete in simple races.
You can choose one of the different characters, each with their own means and abilities, different types of karts from basic go-karts, to huge monster trucks with giant wheels. . Then drive your car to join the race in the vast terrain.
You need to fight another driver to try and catch the enemy flag while defending your own flag. You can collect power, increase vehicle speed and equip darts.
As you level up, you can unlock new vehicles and characters with more attractive features. There are many levels, each with different terrains and different challenges.
On the screen there is a notice of the number of flags you and your opponent stole, as well as the number of monsters you and your opponent killed. There is also an arrow showing the way for you, thanks to that arrow, you drive the car to the right position.
There are different maps along with great graphics with beautiful images like a big fairy castle complete with giant turrets, mushrooms and a mysterious lake … The ramps help the kart Your acceleration and getting you flying on the track.
The game has a beautiful interface combined with lively sound and engaging content will give players a sense of novelty and excitement.
If you are a fan of racing games, you will love this game. You can race against friends or machines, even with any opponent, it will bring you the most interesting.

How to play Kart Wars

Kart Wars uses WASD to drive
Mouse to shoot
Shift to nitro
Space to jump