Kawairun Game

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Kawairun HTML5



Kawairun is a multiplayer online running game with customizable TON capabilities.
Have you ever dreamed about breaking the barrel and sliding under the piano dressed like a rainbow chicken and wearing an octopus like a hat? HAPPY YOU CAN!
There is an option to play the game online among the new properties. You will be able to play with the friend you want to play. You can earn money and points by winning running races, developing your character and level with this money and points.
This run and jump game has all sorts of cartoon obstacles. After customizing your character, you can enter the playing field. You will be challenged to jump over logs, slide under branches and avoid bees!

How to play Kawairun

Click the “Play” button after downloading the game. If you want to play the game as a guest, click the “Play as a guest” button. Click the “Play” button. Click “Play once” and then the “Campaign” button. Then click on the first part and start the game. Else if you want to play by registering click on “Register”. Write the nickname you want to use in the game for the first space, your password for the second space and finally your password for the third time. And click the “Register” button again to register the game. You can buy things for the game like characters, costumes, jewels and more with the money you earn in the game by clicking the “Shop” button.
To play the game as two players, you need to upgrade to level 2. After upgrading to level 2, you can reach the lobby with the “Multiplayer” button. Select the person you want to race from the list on the right side of the screen. You can go to the lobby with your friends by clicking “Yes” in the dialogue window. You can then start the game by clicking the “Ready” button. Or you can automatically match the player by clicking the “VS” button.