Keyboard Breaker Game

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Keyboard Breaker HTML5

Keyboard Breaker

Keyboard Breaker game is a typing game. A fun, lightning-fast typing game that takes skill, precision, and speed to win the battle.

Keyboard Breaker is not related to word scores, or letter points, or punctuation or even words. No, all of that is simple, basic, for fewer games. The Keyboard Breaker game only chooses two random letters and causes you to bash the keys until it chooses two more random letters and smashes them.

To win is to see the screen and press the key. You will not be able to hunt and peck in this game because you will have to keep your eyes on the screen. Fight against other players on the same computer keyboard or against the computer AI.

How to play

Player 1 must press the blue key

Player 2 must press the red key