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King of fighters wing HTML5

King of fighters wing

King of Fighters Wing

King of Fighters Wing is a game for gamers who love fighting games with compelling action scenes. This is the game that is loved by the gaming community very much because of the dramatic, fiery matches, beautiful visual effects and many interesting features. Game King of Fighters Wing is indeed a game worth playing, many players are waiting for you. Play King of Fighters Wing to participate in the most intense matches and win the championship.
In this section, we welcome the participation of mad scientist Rugal Bernstein. In addition, several characters have also been unlocked such as Lucar, Ignis, Lori and Orochi. The war promises will be increasingly fierce and fierce. Let’s play King of fighters wing 1.91 and show your strength.
The game has 3 modes of attorney that are Power mode, Skill mode, and Defend mode. In Power mode, your character will deal great damage. In Skill mode, use an attorney to start a skill before the last ability ends or run after avoiding an opponent’s attack.
With Defend mode, your character can withstand a blow while attacking an opponent, but the damage will be reduced by 20%. Note that you can only attack when the energy bar is full. Whether playing 1 Player or 2 Player mode, gamers must quickly control the character to attack, otherwise will soon be defeated.

How to play King of Fighters Wing

Player 1:
W, A, S, D to Move
U, I, O, J, K, L to Attack
J to Enter
Player 2:
Arrow Keys to Move
Num 1-6 to Attack
Num 1 to Enter