Kingdom Rush Game

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Kingdom Rush HTML5

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a great castle defense game and is one of the most popular and challenging games available. Kingdoms fall into the threat of enemies, players must use the army, magicians and generals to fight a large number of monsters, demons and extremely dangerous creatures. Strange groups of enemies such as trolls, orcs and other monsters are attacking towns in your kingdom, and you must stop them. Set up checkpoints to kill monsters and goblins, don’t let them invade our territory and disturb the peace of the people.
Your mission in Kingdom Rush is to build towers for archers, wizards, warriors and bombers from which your guardians can protect the path and stop the enemy’s advance. Each tower has an established and superior function over a certain type of enemy, remember this when placing your tower. You can not only set up a type of tower but must calculate and select the appropriate location to place troops to prevent the advance of the enemy.
As you progress, you can upgrade your towers for stronger defenses and also use some particularly interesting abilities. When the wave is too big, call for reinforcements or summon a rainstorm to devastate the crowd.
Play Kingdom Rush and help King Denas strengthen the kingdom’s defenses. You can complete every stage and become a noble hero warrior.

Featured of Kingdom Rush

- Four types of towers
– Many enemy models
– You can place a soldier tower to summon soldiers to join and stop the enemies in the line
– Various upgrades available
– Special skills and reinforcements

How to play Kingdom Rush

Left click to play