Knightin Game

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Knightin HTML5



Knightin is an adventure of a brave knight. Kill dangerous monsters and solve tricky puzzles to get your fame and glory in this dungeon adventure game.
Knightin takes the traditional storyline to explode with the princess in distress, the evil in the world, the chaos reigning and just throwing it all out the window. It’s like Zelda has no plot and is just a dungeon, this game focuses on the core gameplay. You are a knight and you are looking for fame and looting, princess, right?
The whole game is based on you running through small rooms, defeating any enemies in it and solving a few puzzles. The gameplay that many of you will be familiar with is popular by games like The Legend of Zelda, later The Binding of Isaac and several other games. As you progress, you collect loot, gain new abilities, and continue on to the next dungeon. Get the key, unlock the chest, go through the door. The premise of playing Knightin is simple but enemies, traps and puzzles are what make it fun.
There is not much else to say about it actually, as it is very logical and simple. If it’s a type of game you usually like, you might also like this game. It looks good, has some catchy tunes and works perfectly. It’s nice to see it try to do something a bit unique, but Knightin is still a sweet game.

How to play Knightin

- WASD key or arrow to move
– Space bar to interact
– Z or J to attack