Kukoo Machines Game

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Kukoo Machines HTML5

Kukoo Machines

Kukoo Machines

Kukoo Machines is an interesting restaurant serving game. Welcome to the beautiful and colorful world of Kukoo. She is an alien girl, but that is not the point here. Your goal is to quickly prepare special foods for aliens along the galaxy, helping Kukoo test his crazy machines on this adventure. Once ready send the tray to customers to serve their delicious meal.
Sometimes you can go to a regular fast food restaurant and see how fast the waiters have to go because of the huge number of customers. If you want to try your luck and see if you can work at such a restaurant, play Kukoo Machines and try to go as far as possible. Make sure all customers are satisfied when they leave.
In this online version of Kukoo Machines, you’ll replace the kitchen for a fast food restaurant that serves the best fries, the best burgers and drinks of all colors in record time thanks to The fact is that the whole process is mechanized. Complete exact customer orders and get the maximum number of points.
Control the fast food restaurant fly. Fly through the galaxy and bring delicious food to space to every planet in the universe. Mix Milky Way milk together, fry some French fries and serve them quickly to get the highest score in Kukoo Machines.

How to play Kukoo Machines

Use mouse to click and through the menu options