Lab of the Dead Game

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Lab of the Dead HTML5

Lab of the Dead

Lab of the Dead

Lab of the Dead is a fun and spooky game in which you have to perform countless different experiments on scary zombies. You’re a crazy scientist experimenting with living zombie objects – you want to look into zombie behavior to analyze this strange dog breed.
Experiment with them, brutalize them, feed them, let them play with them and discover more than 250 unique reactions as you explore the entire spectrum of the zombie brain in Lab of the Dead. Trapped in this underground facility, you will gradually discover the truth about the zombie outbreak as you progress in research, discover new reactions, upgrade research techniques, find new items. to experiment, complete achievements and find tapes and notes from the Alpha team, the scientific team previously occupied this base. You will have on hand: 12 types of zombies to test. More than 60 weapons, food and objects to play with. More than 250 responses to explore. More than 40 achievements to complete.
Lab of the Dead game uses a point and click interface, you have to interact with different objects and try a variety of interesting experiments. You have to do whatever you can to learn more about zombies, you will have fun. Lab of the Dead has very realistic, spooky, animated graphics and sound, plus engaging gameplay. You can complete the research and make perfect experiments.

Control of Lab of the Dead

Left click to play.