Leader Strike Game

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Leader Strike HTML5

Leader Strike

Leader Strike

Leader Strike is a shooting fighting game between politicians. Your aim is to destroy as many opposing politicians and earn the highest score.
The battle of global leaders to become the most powerful person.
Choose your favorite world leader (you can choose Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and many other powerful figures). You can then create your own game room or join an existing server, join the battle with other politicians and try to win World War III at any cost.
Each leader has his own set of weapons and moves, your weapon has limited ammunition, so be sure to shoot carefully and collect any new weapons you find. You can use pistols, snipers, knives, or rocket grenades … to destroy the enemy. But use these weapons in the most appropriate way. Destroy them before they destroy you, whenever you are caught off guard you can lose your life. As you progress, you can use the collect points to upgrade your character and unlock new weapons.
Destroy all the leaders in each level to become the winner and the most powerful person. Collect leader points to buy trophies and top the leaderboards.
This is a multiplayer game, make a crazy unit, face other leaders and try to make your country a winner.
The game is completely free to take you to exciting matches.

How to play Leader Strike

Leader Strike is controlled by the following keys:
Game control: WASD – Move.
SPACE – Dance.
C – Crouching crap.
SHift – Walking.
1, 2, 3 – Change weapons
Mouse – Aim & Shoot.
Right-click – Zoom.
R – Reload.
B – Purchase menu
F – Reload.
P – Menu.
Y – Chat.
T – Group chat.
L – Lock the mouse cursor
The game uses a combination of characters but only needs a short time to make you can play well. Wish you will win everything to become the leader.