Learn To Fly 2 Game

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Learn To Fly 2 HTML5

Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 

Learn To Fly 2 is the sequel to the penguin learning to fly. The bird that was sleeping suddenly woke up, opened the computer, and he realized that everyone was laughing at him for not knowing how to fly. I am very angry about this and have read a lot of documents to find a way to solve the problem for him. After researching and finding out the method, he started to implement. Your task now is to help him learn to fly and buy upgrades for the flight course.
At first there was no device, learning to fly with what the penguins themselves have. In the early days the bird only traveled a very short distance and received a number of points corresponding to its distance. Each day corresponds to a flight, after spending many days it will accumulate a sum of money and will use that money to buy flight aids, such as buying gliders and rockets, They make flying much easier. Then complete the achievement to earn more money. The more money you make, the more upgrades you buy and the longer you fly, and the more money you make and the cycle continues.
With each passing day you will gradually improve, trying to accomplish your goals in the shortest time so no one can mock you.
This game is completely free to give you a good entertainment time and this game is also suitable for a lot of players.
You can play online that will help you share the results on social networking sites or download to play when you do not have an internet connection.

How to play Learn To Fly 2 

Learn To Fly 2 is controlled using your arrow keys to control the angle of flight. You need a lot of practice to adjust the angle better, help birds fly farther and faster to finish the trip.