Learn To Fly 3 Game

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Learn To Fly 3 HTML5

Learn To Fly 3

Learn To Fly 3

Learn To Fly 3 is the latest part of the Learn To Fly series of games. In this part, players need to help the strange penguins fly into space by buying upgrades about the spaceship.

These upgrades are used to build strange ships to help penguins reach space and bring many different things into orbit.
Players can choose from a variety of game modes, including story mode that allows players to start with the most basic things and unlock all upgrades; Classic mode: there is horizontal play from the first two games; Load mode: Achieve different heights with different weights (1, 15, 75, 150). Sandbox mode: No goals or goals. Players can modify many factors such as Weight, Speed, … Each time completing a task, the player will receive a sum of money, which is accumulated to buy upgrades. Story mode: Approach space.
Players can control the Booster if they need to be pushed a bit more after the thrust from the initial launch weakens, this is one of the very important factors in this section.
In this part, players need to dodge all obstacles that appear to obstruct the movement, while keeping the level of drag to a minimum. This will increase the attractiveness for the player.
The game is designed with a separate graphic style so it is quite diverse with music that can be customized from the settings menu so that if this music makes some players feel uncomfortable, they have can customize it.
The game has all the necessary characteristics for players to feel excited and want to maximize their creativity. Besides, the number of parts and the variety of upgrades allow players to design spacecraft in many interesting styles.

How to play  Learn To Fly 3

Learn To Fly 3 is controlled by the following characters:
A / D or left / right arrow keys: Control
S, down arrow: Stop current stage
W, up arrow: Up / Use boosts
Mouse: Everything else