Learn To Fly Idle Game

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Learn To Fly Idle HTML5

Learn To Fly Idle

Learn To Fly Idle

Learn to Fly Idle is an idle game inspired by Learn to Fly that lets you launch snowballs to destroy icy things.
Great joy awaits you in the middle of the snow, from which you can mold snowballs in unlimited quantities. Throw them too tedious and so you have a shot, from which you and will fire. Make money and improve it, you will be able to shoot at objects farther away will create opportunities to earn more money.
Your task in Learn To Fly Idle is to destroy more icy things with your cannon.You have to launch some snowballs at different things around you like an unexpected snowman. That sounds better then becomes cold and wet. You will use your reliable cannon to shoot snowballs at anything you like and make the icy things disappear. For each goal you achieve, you will get points with goals, shoot and shoot! With all the coins you’ve worked hard to get, you can buy weapon upgrades in the game store. You can make your cannon shoot faster, add range and more power.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot snowballs with your cannon. Click anywhere to aim and fire your cannon. Beat snowmen to make money. Use that cash to buy upgrades by clicking the buttons in the upper left corner. Upgrade various things (such as range, strength, range, auto-fire rate and maximum firing) with the cash you earn. Study perks with Research Points you earn over time and to complete achievements.
Unlock and defeat new enemies to earn extra money. Find new enemies by clicking the arrows around the enemies’ portraits, next to their names.
Game play features:
• Upgrade for your cannon
• Frozen winter environments
• Fun shooting game

How to play game Learn To Fly Idle

Use WASD and MOUSE to control