Learn To Fly Game

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Learn To Fly HTML5

Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly is a game about a penguin learning to fly. You will help him pass his flight training excellently.
In the beginning you don’t have any equipment, practice flying with what you have. In the early days of the flight, you will travel a very short distance and receive a number of points corresponding to its distance. Each level you fly will earn you some money, accumulate a lot of money and use that money to upgrade your flight aids. Buy upgrades so you can cross the water, such as buying gliders and rockets, which make flying a lot easier. Then complete the achievement to earn more money. The more money you make, the more upgrades you’ll buy and the longer it will fly. Then you make more money and the loop continues like that. But you are not bored with this loop because the upgrades you buy will give you a more enjoyable experience when learning to fly.
As you fly further, attributes also increase, such as ramp height, acceleration, and air resistance.
This game is completely free and the simplicity of character creation, the game interface combined with funny sounds will make players feel excited, and it will be suitable for many players.
You can play online or download to play when you do not have an internet connection. Playing online will help you share your results on social networking sites or you can also fight with many people.

How to play Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly is controlled using your arrow keys to control the angle of flight. Press and hold the space bar to activate the rocket. Buy fuel upgrades for your rockets to fly longer. You need a lot of practice to adjust the angle better, help birds fly farther and faster to finish the trip.