Legend Of The Void 2 Game

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Legend Of The Void 2 HTML5

Legend Of The Void 2

Legend Of The Void 2

Legend of the Void 2 is the second installment of the Legend of the Void series and fights a series of evil enemies with your favorite armed fighter. Travel through Calderia and defeat all sins by using lots of armor, weapons and artifacts.
After waking up in the inner rooms of the Black Gate, when your companion went missing, you discovered a powerful ancient book used by the Arch Mage Gazzen to perform the Infinite Rite. You discover that it has been days since the Black Gate broke out, and things get a little uncomfortable, what with monsters everywhere and common terror throughout the villages.
Your mission in the game Legend of the Void 2 is to go to the four corners of Calderia to defeat the invading demonic forces of The Void and reclaim three long-lost ancient Tomes.
Use a mouse or a combination of mouse and keyboard to control. Move through each small area interacting with people, searching for ways to plunder and collect as much treasure as possible. You will often stop to retool yourself with new items or just manage your inventory. Sure you will encounter enemies, but since most of Legend of the Void 2 is combat-oriented, you can expect an intense, intelligent ride.
The battles take place in turns and alternate with your team and the enemies swinging together with all they have. Attacks, spells and other abilities are stored in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, just click on the skill you want to use followed by the enemy you want to attack. Many moves require mana points to use, limiting how often you can roll them out. All skills take a few turns to reload, so unleash your strategic hell there and you’ll be staring at the victory screen immediately.

How to play the game Legend of the Void 2

- Select attack and click on enemies to attack.
– Use Mouse / WASD / Arrows to move
– R turn on / off to run faster
– Lock machine for different screens shown on hover
– Use left mouse to fire
– Use mouse to movement