Legend Of The Void Game

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Legend Of The Void HTML5

Legend Of The Void

Legend Of The Void

Legend of the Void is an exciting and adventure role-playing game. Join this adventure to fight this evil and stop the destruction of the world.
Possessed by an unknown demon, the Arch Mage Gazzen begins a secret ritual in his cell. Now the sky was burning, with fire and flint falling over the kingdom and an army of demons on the way. In Legend of the Void discover a vast world, both rich and dangerous enemies to conquer in turn-based tactical battles. Choose among 3 classes (warrior, mage or cheater) and use the countless weapons and spells you unlock when you level up. Fight with enemies and earn skill points and attributes to increase your strength, agility, will, magic or constitution, and choose from deceptive, archery, and assassin skills. Go through the land, pick up objects and fight with allied enemies, the Rogan warrior.
Your mission in the game Legend Of The Void is to use tons of weapons, armor and artifacts to fight monsters and explore dungeons in a top-down perspective.
You may want to continue the tutorial if it’s your first time playing, but even if you turn it off, you shouldn’t be too hard to find everything if you’re completely familiar with RPG conventions. Walk (or run by turning on [R]) around the map by clicking to indicate where you want your team to travel. Interact with the treasure NPCs that are outlined in yellow and the quested NPCs, the blue-lined NPCs and battles are outlined in red just by going into them. When you’re fighting, you’ll have a number of offensive and defensive options with hotkeys to choose from, and everyone turns in a neat and orderly fashion, unless of course they are stunned or dead. When you level up, you can upgrade your attributes and buy spells and skills. At any time, you can reset and spend your points again if you get stuck.

How to play the game Legend Of The Void

- Press R to convert
– Use the mouse button to Select, Move
– To REDUCE your attributes / skills, click the R icon in the character screen!